In order to participate in TechSoup Portugal programs and services, an organization must be validated by TechSoup as an organization operating on a nonprofit basis for the public benefit.

In order to successfully complete the validation review in Portugal, an organization must be:

  • Organizations must be Entities declared of public utility by the Prime Minister; Private Entities of Social Solidarity (IPSS) registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity; NGOs for development (ONGD) (Organizações Não Governamentais para o Desenvolvimento) registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or NGOs whose statutory object is aimed at promoting values of citizenship, the defense of human rights, women’s rights and/or gender equality, which are eligible to receive tax deductible contributions under Article 63(3)(d) of the Tax Benefit Statute (Estatuto dos Benefícios Fiscais).

In order for TechSoup to validate your organization, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that your organization holds the above status. This may include a certificate of registration or incorporation, inclusion in an official government registry or database, and/or a copy of your organization’s governing documents.

To initiate the validation review process, the organization should register on this website and provide all requested information. A designated TechSoup representative will review the provided details and determine if the registered organization meets the requirements established in the localized definition.

Please note that validated organizations are also subject to any additional eligibility criteria required by specific programs or service offerings being applied for.

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